Local Service, World Class Solutions

Cabling & Access

Our team is highly trained in keeping things connected.

Lone Worker Solutions

Rely on our tools to ensure the safety of your workers, wherever they are.

Remote Internet

Keep your business online with uninterrupted internet access, anywhere.

Specialized Wireless

Our services are tailor-fit and tangle free. HiTech keeps your workers connected onsite.

Tower Construction

Go bigger to gain advantage with our state of the art telecommunication technology.

Remote Communications

Stay connected with our world class remote systems services that include design, installment, and maintenance.


Connect to the people and data that matter most in the places and times that traditional communication doesn’t always allow.

Security Systems

Explore our selection of cameras, remote access servers, and DVRs to protect your work and those who do it.

Paging Systems

With our real time response tracking, communicating with your team members has never been easier.

Vehicle / Asset Tracking

Our partnerships account for everything on the move to leading hardware and software technology.

Two Way Radios

Keep in touch when it matters most with our state-of-the-art radio systems.

Cell Phone Boosters

No service? No problem. Our boosters are designed to work as hard as you do, no matter where you are.

Sector Solutions

HiTech provides a diverse collection of solutions to match the communication needs of your industry.

Fire & Safety

Safety is everyone’s priority. Our solutions optimize your organization’s response time where it matters most.

First Response

Rely on our time-effective technology for all of your operations.


Our services are tailor-fit and tangle free. HiTech keeps your workers connected onsite.


Safely take your work to the water with our remote internet access.


Stay connected with our world class systems.

Machine to Machine

Keep your data accessible from unit to unit.

Public Works

Staying connected means better serving your community.


Our vehicle & asset tracking is essential to keeping your business in motion.

Oil & Gas

Streamline your processes and stay ahead with our state-of-the-art solutions.


Stay connected on your toughest builds with our two-way radio systems.


Industrial solutions to match complex and demanding environments.