Agnico Eagle Baker Lake


Designed and installed an end-to-end radio/phone/Ethernet/Wi-Fi system for town, highway,and mine site communications and seamless connectivity.

A VHF radio communications system consisting of four repeater systems was installed in four heated buildings and paired with four 85 foot telecom towers. The entire radio system and tower construction was completed by HiTech Communication Ltd. (HTC) employees. The repeaters were linked via a UHF radio system and enabled users to communicate from Baker Lake to the mine site and anywhere in between, a distance of approximately 125 kilometers.Extreme northern environmental conditions required the construction of heated tower enclosures and buildings to ensure no downtime.

The system was complemented by a point-to-point link which contained an Ethernet tunnel with Wi-Fi hotspots along the tower sites. Users could avail of mobile work stations in vehicles and hot spot access as needed. The tower at the mine site included an additional access point for Intranet access and online connectivity.

This infrastructure also allowed for the conversion of 10 analogue telephone lines into IP signals for VOIP telephone communications.


Beaver Brook Antimony Mine


Ethernet microwave link radio system with continuous two way radio communication link from the Town of

Glenwood to the Beaver Brook Antimony Mine:

- 60 KM link utilizing a UHF repeater system and Ethernet radio system.
- Glenwood water tower to remote site equipped with solar and wind power .
- Ethernet radio system housed on top of towers and provides communication at the production facility at the mine site.
- Mine site equipped with 30 telephone handsets.

VHF radio system located at the Water Tower in Glenwood and at min site:

- Provides radio coverage en route and at mine site.
- UHF links allows for seamless communication along route.

Leaky Feeder system:

- Provides underground communications via two-way radio.
- Head-end unit connected to feeder cable system that runs the entire length of the mine and in drifts provides complete coverage throughout the mine

This system also provides the capability for remote management of fans, sensors, etc..


Great West Forestry / Hydro Line


Designed and installed a radio system, consisting of three repeater sites of which two were remote northern Labrador sites (via helicopter) to provide communications for a hydro line construction and maintenance.

Each site contains radio systems linked using customized UHF radio systems. When any radio within a coverage area of any repeater is keyed to talk, every radio within the coverage of the whole system will receive the transmission simultaneously. Two remote sites consists of solar panels, wind power, battery banks, charge controllers, and regulators. Pole based towers were erected for each site with the required antenna and cabling to allow reliable communication within harsh environments.

Extensive QA and testing was conducted with subsequent coverage maps and operational documentation provided. In short, a very successful project providing the customer with continuous coverage extending from Muskrat Falls to west of Churchill Falls (220KMs).


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